Home workout with no equipment part 2:

Is Your Workout Harmful To Your Health? πŸ€•

A lot of times people are under the misconception that higher repetitions are safer.

So they smash out sets of 40+ pushups on the regular. Then their shoulders and elbows start killing.
And they wonder why they aren’t making any progress. No muscle growth, no strength gains, no fat loss.

The reality is high repetitions can actually be more dangerous

It’s harder to maintain perfect form and focus for 20 repetitions than it is for 6. And when your form starts to break down the last thing you want to do is crank out another 10 shitty reps that will lead to more mileage on your joints.

  • Higher reps cause more of the stress hormone, cortisol to be released.

  • Higher reps cause more inflammation.

  • Higher reps cause more overall systemic/CNS fatigue.

Most people will get far better results sticking in the 5-8 rep range on the majority of exercises.

As you get stronger and more advanced you can bump that up to 8-12 on certain upper body movements, and as high as 15-20 on some lower body movements.

But your bread and butter will always be in that low to moderate rep range. This is just one of the countless mistakes that I see people making all the time.

Try today’s quick home workout routine

Where you can do it ANYWHERE in 30 minutes or less and with no equipment required! Let’s watch the video

Workout detailsπŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ”₯


  • 3 sets
  • 12-15 reps
  • 30-45 sec. rest for all exercises.

Superset the exercises below.

What is a superset?

When you pair two exercises together in an alternating fashion.


A1) Split Squat 1 & 1/4 Reps (12-15 Per Leg)
A2) T-Push Ups

Let’s get to work!

A1 A2
Split Squat
1 & 1/4 Reps (12-15 Per Leg)
T-Push Ups
B1 B2
Body Weight Glute Bridge
1 & 1/4 Reps
Prone Back Complex T-W-Y
C1 C2
Forward Step Lunge
(12-15 Per Leg)
Pike Push Ups
D1 D2
Side Plank Hip Abductions
(12-15 Per Side)

Short on time?

Do this:

You can make the home workout shorter (10-20 minutes) if you are limited for time by simply doing 1-2 sets of each exercise instead of 3.

See exercise cues below

Split Squat


βœ… Starting in a split stance

βœ… Push front knee over toe and back knee towards ground

βœ… Keep chest & torso straight and don’t round shoulders

T-Push Up


βœ… Have hands outside shoulder width and feet out in wide stance

βœ… Decend down until chest hits floor

βœ… Press up externally rotate extending arm staight up squeezing the back at top

Glute Bridge


βœ… Lay on floor with feet position at 90 degree knee anlge

βœ… Maintain neutral spine and core engaged drive hips up

βœ… Squeeze at top before controlling down

Prone Back Complex T-W-Y



βœ… Lay on floor with arms straight out to side

βœ… Elevated arms and focus on pulling shoulders back and down

βœ… Squeeze back in top position



βœ… Lay on floor with arms bent

βœ… Elevated arms and focus on pulling shoulders. back and down

βœ… Squeeze back in top position



βœ… Lay on floor with arms positioned straight out on 30 degree angle

βœ… Elevated arms and focus on pulling shoulders. back and down

βœ… Squeeze back in top position

Forward Step Lunge


βœ… Starting in standing posisiton step forward to lunge

βœ… Slight lean forward progress front knee over toe

βœ…Push back Keep chest & torse upright

Pike Push Up


βœ… On hands and feet in V position

βœ… Lower head to floor

βœ… Squeeze shoulders and press up

Side plank Hip Abduction


βœ… Lying on side engage core and neutral spine

βœ… Push hip up by contracting glutes

βœ… Hold at top and squeeze glutes



βœ… Laying on floor with arms above head and feet straight

βœ… Engaging core pull legs and arms together in V shape

βœ… Hold at top and control down

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