Which should I do first, cardio or weights?

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Adrian Lea

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January 15, 2021



A: As with almost everything fitness-related, the answer depends on your goals!  

However, for the MOST part, people will get added benefits if they put strength training first.  

Here are two reasons why:

You’ll be stronger and less fatigued when you do weight training first, which can improve your workout performance. This could also help you avoid injury related to being pre-fatigued before you start your workout!

Doing cardio last has an added benefit. A study done by the American Council on Exercise found that when people did cardio after strength, their heart rates were higher than they were when they did cardio first.

That means they didn’t have to work out extra hard to get their heart rates up into their cardio training zone.

🤩PLUS: Because the body uses up stored carbs as fuel for the strength workout, there’s a slight boost in the amount of fat burned during the cardio session.

Which do YOU do first!? Are you going to change it up now that you are in-the-know? Let me know below 👇👇  

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ℹ️ Training info

Giant Set 

To be performed back to back in an alternating fashion

Workout NameSetsRepetitionRest Duration
1 AFloor Pushup38 -1560 Sec
1 BLeg Chair Squat38 -1560 Sec
1 CSuperman Cuban Press38 -1560 Sec
1 DDynamic Side Plank3As many as possible each side60 Sec

Floor Pushup

Leg chair Squat

Superman Cuban Press

Dynamic Side Plank

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Thank you for your understanding.

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