What’s my secret to helping my clients lose fat faster, build muscle and feel amazing without spending hours working out?


I make sure that every rep, every set, every rest period and every workout has a purpose.
And one of my favorite ways to increase the effectiveness of every workout without increasing the time is by including SUPERSETS! 🔥

SUPERSETS are easy to apply to nearly any workout and will help to maximize blood flow, calorie-burning, and the overall benefits of your training…

Plus they can literally cut the duration of your workouts by HALF!
Better results? Less time? I’m in. 😉

Here’s how to do it:

✅ Pick 2 opposing muscle groups to train back to back (e.g. full workout in comments)

✅ Start with exercise #1 and complete assigned reps.

✅ Immediately move to exercise #2 without rest in between and continue to do the assigned reps.

✅ Rest 30-45 sec and repeat until all sets of both or all exercises are completed!

✅ Do this with other opposing muscle groups to speed up ALL of your workouts

Bonus tip:

➡️Emphasize perfect form!

Check out this 30 Minute full body workout with dumbbells using this technique 👇🏼 If you dont have any equipments at home and want faster fat loss, I still got you covered.

Here is the workout 😁💪🏼

A1 A2
Romanian Deadlifts
3 sets | 10-12 reps | 30-sec rest 
Seated Overhead Press Neutral Grip
3 sets | 10-12 reps | 30-sec rest 
B1 B2
Goblet Squat
3 sets | 10-12 reps | 30-sec rest
Bent-Over Row Pronated Grip
3 sets | 10-12 reps | 30-sec rest 
C1 C2
Hip Thrust
3 sets | 12-15 reps | 30-sec rest 
Push Up
3 sets | 10-12 reps | 20-sec rest 
D1 D2
Incline Bicep Curl
3 sets | 12-15 reps | 30-sec rest 
Triceps Extensions
3 sets | 12-15 reps | 30-sec rest

See exercise cues for faster fat loss below

Romanian Deadlifts


✅Standing in upright posistion with feet directly under hips

✅Hinge at hips and push glutes to wall behind you

✅Keep eyes glancing 1 metre in front of feet

Seated Overhead Press Neutral Grip


✅Seated with DB in neutral grip posistion 

✅Press DB up

✅Maintain neutral spine and core engaged

Goblet Squat


✅Stand in normal squat position keeping torso upright

✅Engage core and drive knees out

✅Squat deep focusing on ripping floor apart throughout movement

Bent Over Row Pronated Grip


✅Lean over maintain neutral spine

✅Pull elbows out and back

✅Squeeze and hold ensuring full stretch at bottom

Hip Thrust


✅Lay on bench or couch with feet position at 90 degree knee angle 

✅Keep chin tucked into chest for entire movement 

✅Squeeze glutes hard at top

Push Up


✅Have hands outside shoulder width and feet out in wide stance

✅Decend down until chest hits floor

✅Engage glutes and core and press body up

✅Squeeze chest at top of movement

Incline Bicep Curl


✅Seated leaning back on chair

✅Have hands in supinated position 

✅Pull DBs upward and contract biceps

Lying Tricep Extensions


✅Lay on floor with DB above head neutral posistion

✅Lower DB down toward floor

✅ Extend elbows and hold at top

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