How to lose fat and get fit as a busy CEO/Business Owner with Zac Mason

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Adrian Lea

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May 12, 2021




Want your Pre-CEO / Founder / Biz Owner body and fitness back?…

In his early 20’s, Zac started gaining weight, stressing and feeling tired daily due to working 60+ hours a week in a start-up company.

Zac saw a lot of other men and women senior to me, suffering in their physical (and mental health). They were committed their business, but often 10-20kg (20-40 lbs) or more overweight.

Food and/or alcohol was common to ‘de-stress’. But they rarely did exercise, or focused on recovery.

The more they sacrificed for their business, the more their body, energy, mental state and lifestyle suffered… Robbing them of a quality life without 
switching off “business mode“, which also affected their partner/family.

Many of them were once very fit and healthy in their 20s and early 30s… but let themselves go as business and life got crazier (especially after kids). Truth is, the high-achiever ‘all or nothing’ mindset was working well in business… but stopping them from taking action in all other areas of life.

Seeing this downward spiral, Zac realised he didn’t want to go down it too. And he was inspired to get educated on health and fitness once and for all.

At first, fitness was a method to cope with stress/anxiety… Overtime Zac grew to love it and was got to compete in Natural Bodybuilding. But that wasn’t sustainable, nor a healthy. Though it taught Zac the skills and truth about how to maintain a younger, fit, lean body and without being a gym-junkie. And unlocked a new level of confidence and self-esteem.

It wasn’t easy… Zac invested thousands of $ with multiple mentors/coaches to help on the journey.
And he took everything and applied it with 100s of clients. The best clients who follow his Efficient Fitness Protocols predictably hit their body and health goals within 4 to 6 months without relying on strict yo-yo diets or doing hard workouts everyday.

If you’re a high-achieving CEO / Business owner…

Then Zac’d be like your project manager, to map out, manage and hold you accountable to the program, to get your energy, body and mind functioning at a healthy high level ongoing, without deleting wine or chocolate from life. If you’ve struggle to shed the stubborn weight, feeling stressed with no mental bandwidth or time to ‘think’ about what to do… with no one to hold you accountable to doing the minimum basic tasks…

In this video we dive into:

  • Why Zac prioritises his daily health & fitness and how it helps him with the daily challenges of being a business owner.
  • The main challenges Ceo’s , business owners and entrepreneurs are facing with their health & wellness?
  • Zac’s TOP 3 tips to get results in the next 7 days?
  • Plus so much more…

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