You can’t follow the one diet from start to finish?
You can’t burn off all the unwanted weight and totally re-shape your body?

How hard it is to lose and burn body fat?

There is ONE big problem…

Your body adapts quickly to the diet and workouts you start to follow, which means you hit a weight loss plateau quickly.  And, we’ve all had this before.  You see the weight coming off when you first start any diet.  But then it stops, and you find it harder and harder to lose any more weight.

And, lets be honest…

Trying to change too many things at the same time just makes it harder to follow and increases the chances of the whole plan failing.

This is exactly why from private clients to LeaWay Lifestyle members..

I designed the plan to take small steps, that equal big results!

These small changes in diet that range from eating more carbs, to changing cardio and workouts mean your body can burn fat for longer.

By avoiding the “metabolic slowdown” that happens when you start to eat less food and exercise more, your able to burn fat for longer and also ensure your metabolism and hormonal environment are not going to stop your fat loss… or even cause fat gain.

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