Simple Sleep Hacks To Good Health With Catharine Nixon

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Adrian Lea

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September 30, 2021


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“Imagine transforming your life through a few simple sleep hacks.”

– Catharine Nixon.

Sleep health is more than just hitting the pillow each night.

Sleep is one of the holy grails in good health.





Would you believe me if I told you that you can influence your sleep through the incredible world of micronutrients and macronutrients!

Discover the gateway to a good night’s sleep via your Sleep-Gut connection 💤🦠🤔

Sleep is an absolute non-negotiable that you simply can’t live without.

BUT when it’s messed up or suboptimal! You are in survival mode not thrive mode.

➡️ Is this YOU?

Are you trying to build or regain health and wellness that…..

You’ve lost ◾️ You’re missing out on ◾️ You so desperately desire ◾️ You Need!

Harnessing the sleeping beast within you is the accelerator to taking charge of your wellbeing.

This is why I’m so happy to be bringing you today’s video where Catharine Nixon and I go deep into what REALLY matters for you creating sustainable balance and getting into the body and health you want.

Join us in the LeaWay Lifestyle Community after you soak in this video. Let us know what you’ve taken away from this.

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