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About Adrian

Hi, I’m Adrian.

Founder of LeaWay fitness and I want to give you everything you need to succeed in life.

For over 7 years I’ve worked with Mums, Dads, Corporate Professionals & CEO’s.

Being a husband and a father of our son Charlie and fur baby (our dog fletcher), running three businesses and wanting to succeed in life just like you, I know how hard it is to succeed in business, married life and take care of ourselves the way we know we should.


I’d love to help YOU build a body that projects strength, health and confidence!

I was a fat country boy and I got fed up with the life of drugs, partying and mediocrity and I moved to the BIG city of Melbourne, Australia to reboot my life of success, helping others and contributing to the International community.


I’m into Fitness, Linkedin and Virtual Assistant Outsourcing.

I also love some good Mexican, namely, nachos + guac and hitting the gym when I’m not hanging out with my family.

I’m master coach level status meaning I’ve done 10,000 personal coaching hours.

I’ve worked with top business leaders across the world.

Talking Linkedin I’m regarded as top global fitness leader and I also help start-ups, entrepreneurs & business owners around the world build six figure plus online businesses and brands.

Committed to your success,

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