Talking Human Evolution With Greg Gillies

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Adrian Lea

Published Date

June 17, 2021

Husband, Father of 3, Entrepreneurial Businessman, Life Coach, Business Consultant and Digital Marketing Expert…

 I understand how Businessmen tick, we want to “Have it All” ,we take the weight of the World on our shoulders to becoming Successful, create a Great life, support our Family, Friends, Staff, Colleagues & clients usually leaving us Energetically Drained with Lack of Time for ourselves, Passions and Hobbies.

After 20+ years of Hustle, Grind, Success and Failures in the Corporate World then working even harder to build my own businesses…

I found myself with a lot of Materialistic Success but on the inside I felt like something was missing, leaving me Stressed, Confused & Incomplete…

I had achieved everything I thought would make me Happy but I wasn’t…

Then to deal with all the Stress, Pressure and Self Doubt I used Alcohol to drink it down & numb the pain….

Then in 2016 I hit the lowest point of my Life Mentally, spiralling into Burn-out and Breakdown!

I finally surrendered and asked my wife to help me get help!

This lead to a Deep Internal journey of Self Healing & Self Discovery which was the ultimate missing piece in my Life.

By transforming my Inner World I transformed my Outer World creating Success, Love & Happiness!

Now I help other Married Businessmen go through their own Internal Transformation!

I look forward to sharing more with you!—-






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