Burn your fat like a boss and get in perfect shape!

I really wanted to take you through this, because it really comes down to the basis of how easily it can be for you to take care of your health and at the same time for you to be able to burn off the unwanted weight or fat.

Most people give me a really ‘confused’ look when I tell them; “I’ve walked every single morning for the past 18 years”.

This is not about ‘fasted cardio for fat loss’.

This is about having an easy to follow plan that:

  • Accelerates your fat loss.
  • Focuses on the right training and workouts to minimize your time in the gym or at home.
  • Destress.
  • Aids your recovery from your other workouts.
  • Helps stabilize blood sugars.
  • It Burns more energy and burns fat.
  • Does NOT give you the risk of burning lean muscle tissue like sprints or interval training.
  • Makes you more productive.

Watch my video below so I can teach how how to get it done

This is where balance is so important

If I just wrote the above sections about resistance training and stopped there, you would be trying to fit as many high intensity sessions in per week. On a fast track to burning out and creating other issues with your body and health that can only slow or even stop your fat loss.

To be perfectly honest the main reason I love to walk in the mornings is to give my brain space to think, and have the time to be creative. As walking is shown to improve memory and brain performance even shown in this Stanford study.

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Mentioned in this video:

Stanford study

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