Are you confused about how to burn off the unwanted weight…?

You’ve been told to “eat less, and move more” but that hasn’t worked for you and I.

Let me show you in this video the truth for what “really” matters when it comes to cardio and what’s the best type and how often should you be doing it.

From long slow cardio, to running, to high intensity interval training HIIT and more…

When you want to lose a few pounds or get in shape for an event, really being able to use the right training and especially the right cardiovascular work is so important for you to be able to peel off the body fat that you want.

Now, something that is really important is to be able to define what you are doing as cardio. Do you define what I’m doing right now as cardio?

Watch todays video as I walk you through what is the best cardio to do to lose weight. ☝

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